2018 - 2019 Audio Meeting Files

2018 - 2019 Meeting Minutes

PTO Minutes September 20 2018 (docx)


Braelinn PTO Meeting Minutes August 23 2018 doc (docx)


2018 - 2019 August PTO Meeting Agenda (pdf)


August 2018 PTO Meeting Attendees (pdf)


To be noted about the August 2018 meeting ...

The PTO Board thought that it would be helpful to record the PTO meetings this year. As Recording Secretary, I worked with FCBOE to get training on how to use an app on my phone a few days prior to our first PTO meeting in August. The app was running but only picked up the first few seconds of sound, which was the beginning of the meeting when those in attendance were introducing themselves.  It appears that as the sound got further away, the recording stopped, although it showed to still be recording at the table where I was sitting. The microphone will be a key element moving forward and we have a back up recorder ready to use as well. We apologize for any confusion and expect to have no issues at the September PTO meeting on the 20th. Minutes will be posted in a timely manner moving forward.


Heather Kinsinger

PTO Recording Secretary